Welcome to Mike My Mentor

I am glad you are here!   My goal in creating this website was to create a platform to reach you in addition to creating a way to better help you reach and achieve your business, investment and or personal achievement goals .

We all strive to work toward a goal larger than our self, and my goal is to help you be successful in the same manner my coaches and mentors have helped me become successful over the years.

It was one of my primary goals early on to put myself with the smartest people, investors, coaches and mentors that I could find, and I have invested years learning and countless hours studying the ins and outs of Real Estate investing, profitable business skills, and entrepreneurship. It is one of my personal greatest passions, to share it with others and see people set and reach their own personal goals. My motto is that in order to be successful we have to help others be successful. I hope after you have reached your own personal success that you will find a way to help others too.

Whether you are here to learn a new skill, polish up an old skill, learn how to be a full time real estate investor, or just learn a fun new skill to provide some part time or supplemental income, you’re in the right place. Maybe you need some one to motivate you, encourage you, and lead you. That is what I am here for.

In addition to the powerful, information rich products at a great price, I also offer coaching and mentoring. I will teach you, help you and if you want I’ll even partner up with you on a deal whether its your first or your 10th or 100th. Maybe you need financing, or maybe just clarity of your goals… I believe Synergy is healthy for business. So If you’d like to be considered as a possible mentor student you can do that by filling out a student questionnaire form  here which will introduce you and I, and I can get to know you better. After I have read your profile I will see what I can do to help you.

Working one on one, teaching students and helping them build a successful businesses is my pleasure.

Thank you for being here and Welcome to Mikemymentor.com!

If you’d like to be considered for one-on-one coaching or mentoring please click HERE to fill out a student questionnaire. Go ahead, introduce yourself. Does not obligate you in any way.