Welcome to Mike My Mentor

I am glad you are here!   As you will see the main purpose of Mike my Mentor is to hopefully work with you by sharing knowledge and help you as a like minded individual to succeed and achieve your goals. We all work toward a goal larger than our self and my goal is to help as many people be successful as I can.

One of my goals early on was to put myself with the smartest people and investors coaches and mentors I could find and I have spent years learning and studying the ins and outs of Real estate investing, profitable business skills and entrepreneurship. And it is one of my main passions to share it with others. I believe that in order for us all to be successful we have to help others be successful.

Whether you are here to learn a new skill, polish up an old skill, learn how to be a full time real estate investor, or just learn a fun new skill to provide some part time supplemental income, your in the right place.

In addition to powerful information rich products at a great price I also offer coaching mentoring and will teach you and partner up with you on a deal whether its your first or your 10th. Synergy is healthy for business. So If you may be even slightly interested in coming on board as a mentor student please fill out a student questionnaire form so I can get to know you and see if there may be a possible working relationship. Working one on one teaching students and helping them build a successful business is our pleasure.

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