Short Sale coaching Gig

This Gig is a 30 day block of time spent learning the Business of buying properties “by negotiating a short sale with the lender.  We will spend 30 days learning and doing together. This Gig comes with your learning materials, forms, and scripts.

Whenever you call a home owner and they are more than 3 months behind on their payments this is when The Short sale strategy kicks in and becomes an ultimate power tool for your wealth. Short sales are another powerful strategy where you work with a sellers lender to essentially “sell short” of what they are owed. This strategy takes skill and training to pull off but once you understand the ins and outs of this strategy you can negotiate huge discounts with lenders because they would rather take a discount than to have to foreclose and take back another property.  Banks have credit scores too, and the more properties they have on their books taken back by foreclosure means the less money they are given to lend out to new prospective homeowners. Banks make their money on making loans, not on taking back property to foreclosure.

Knowing this strategy thoroughly makes you very powerful in the investment world!


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