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» Please Choose what kinds of strategies your interested in:
buying and selling wholesale properties lease options Buying “Subject to” Profits with Mobile Homes Buying default paper  Judgments and Liens
Buying notes and mortages Shortsales Preforclosure Investing Buying and selling using Options Other please explain 

Land trusts and asset protection Investing in Multi-units and apartments

Profits in probate Investing in Tax liens and certificates Rehabbing for profit

Real Estate sales and negotiating techniques

» What strategy(s)are you most interested in learning first?
» Are you new to investing or have you bought and sold properties for investment before?
» What Real estate authors have you studied?
» Have you ever had a real estate coach or mentor? If so Please tell me about your experience.What did you learn or wish you would have learned? Please explain:
What would  you like to learn most by working with a coach or mentor? What exactly would you like  to gain from the experience?
» Are you interested in partnering up in the future?
How soon are you looking to get started working with your new coach?
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